HEPA Filtered Vacuum Cleaner Survey

We recently conducted a survey on behalf of our customers.

HEPA Filtered


98% of cleaning companies surveyed do not use HEPA filter vacuum cleaners!
98% of cleaning companies surveyed will expel microscopic particles and bacteria back in to your home!
98% of cleaning companies surveyed will probably expel back into your home microscopic particles and bacteria that came from the previous customer!
98% of the cleaning companies surveyed are not cleaning your home; they are infecting your home. Infecting you and infecting your family if using normal vacuum bags!
Holmes Domestic cleans are carried out using the HEPA filter vacuum cleaner.
Holmes Domestic cleans your home and protects you and your family.

Holmes Domestic cleans your home 100 times better than 98% of cleaning companies that use the standard Hoover bags.


A traditional vacuum cleaner fitted with a standard textile dust bag can filter down to about a 30-micron particle size. A normal two-ply paper dust bag will usually filter down to a particle size of 15 microns (twice as small). To eliminate biological contamination the level of filtration must be many times better than this since bacteria are between 1 and 10 Microns in size.

HEPA rated vacuum cleaners will ensure that the exhaust air is biologically clean and filtered down to 0.3 Microns (100 times as small).


HEPA, an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, is a filtration standard created by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. HEPA filter media is proven to be 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns (a micron is 1/1,000,000 a meter or 1/25,000th of an inch). Due to their extremely high efficiency, HEPA filters have become widely used in medical, electronic and industrial applications.

HEPA filters are composed of a various sized borosilicate fibres, which are pressed together to form a net-like structure with opening large enough for air to pass through but too small for most particulates.

Holmes Domestic uses the HepA-Flo high Efficiency Filter Bags in there vacuums. In tests, this vacuum achieves an efficiency of 99.97% - passing only 35 particles per million, which is 8 times better than standard allows.


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